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The GROW Model

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GROW model

The GROW process for coaching, problem solving and setting goals What is the GROW model? The GROW model is a popular problem solving tool used in coaching. It is a simple and effective way to help people set and achieve goals. Developed by Sir John Whitmore, Graham Alexander and Alan Fine, and then popularised by […]

Achieving Goals

Delegation of authority the SMART way

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How to delegate using SMARTER goals As a leader or manager you have to delegate tasks and authority in order for your team to work effectively towards achieving your aim. But this is simpler in theory than in practice. Often a leader’s’ experience is that – even when you think you have delegated something effectively […]


Time management is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (4)

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The Right Questions about time management

The Best Prioritizing and Time Management Tools: The Eisenhower Matrix Something really ironic happened while I was writing this post about time management and priorities. Someone called me to say they were running late and they needed an urgent favor. I wont embarrass the person by sharing their name but I can tell you that […]

Decision Making

The OODA Loop decision making cycle

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The Right Questions - OODA loop decision making cycle

The OODA Loop decision making cycle Colonel John Boyd, a strategist with the USAF, proposed that as a situation evolves we have to observe the changes and orient ourselves to the new information that is coming to light. We can then decide on the best course and take action. In other words, decisions are made […]