Are we more like Captain Kirk or Mr Spock? Do we make decisions out of passion or logic?

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Captain Kirk and Mr Spock: What Star Trek tells us about human nature and making decisions With the latest runner from the Star Trek stable dashing onto the screens (Star Trek Into Darkness) we are once again exposed to a famous universe and a much loved movie relationship; that of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. […]

The Right Questions - Stories, values and achieving goals

The Importance of Inspiring Stories to Values and Achieving Goals

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How stories give life to our principles and motivate us towards achieving our mission Logic and emotion are both of great importance to being effective. Sharing inspiring stories that demonstrate our values and highlight success help us to engage with both the logical and emotional sides of what we need to do. The Psychological Requirement to Connect […]

What are The Right Questions for Decision Making and Strategic Planning?

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What are The Right Questions and how does strategic planning link to decision making and achieving goals? So, having established in previous posts some of the background behind The Right Questions and an idea of their importance, we can now get an overview of The Right Questions and how they are applied to strategic planning and achieving […]