Risky business: risk management strategy and knowing when to take a chance

The Right Questions about risk management strategy 7 8 July, 2013 Comments

What is a risk management strategy? Which opportunity should we take and which risks should we avoid? We do not always think in terms of risk management or have a risk management strategy but our decision making is continually influenced by how we perceive risk and by our attitude to risk. “Great deeds are usually…

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Happiness is a positive cash flow

The Right Questions - cash flow, profit and loss 7 17 June, 2013 Comments

How do we manage our resources? How do we track cash flow, profit and loss? “Happiness is a positive cash flow.” Fred Adler – Venture capitalist I may not be a millionaire but in many senses I have been rich.  This is because for much of my life I have had the pleasure of not…

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The Right Questions: A Video Introduction

The Right Questions 7 7 January, 2013 Comments

Here is a short introductory video about The Right Questions. “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Tony Robbins Ask the right questions, get the right answers and become more effective at decision making, strategic planning and achieving goals. About The Right Questions “A prudent question is one half…

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How to do a SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis Matrix 7 27 December, 2012 Comments

The SWOT Analysis Do you want to know how to do a SWOT analysis? Don’t worry; it’s easy! The SWOT analysis was developed from work done in a Stanford University study in the 1960s. The study looked at various Fortune 500 companies and found that there was a difference between the strategic priorities that were…

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What are The Right Questions for Decision Making and Strategic Planning?

Chess-by-Veijo-Vilva 7 31 October, 2012 Comments

What are The Right Questions and how does strategic planning link to decision making and achieving goals? So, having established in previous posts some of the background behind The Right Questions and an idea of their importance, we can now get an overview of The Right Questions and how they are applied to strategic planning and achieving…

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