Delegation of authority the SMART way

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How to delegate using SMARTER goals As a leader or manager you have to delegate tasks and authority in order for your team to work effectively towards achieving your aim. But this is simpler in theory than in practice. Often a leader’s’ experience is that – even when you think you have delegated something effectively […]

The Right Questions about risk management strategy

Risky business: risk management strategy and knowing when to take a chance

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What is a risk management strategy? Which opportunity should we take and which risks should we avoid? We do not always think in terms of risk management or have a risk management strategy but our decision making is continually influenced by how we perceive risk and by our attitude to risk. “Great deeds are usually […]

The Right Questions Money and resource planning

How to achieve a plan – planning resources

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How are we going to achieve our plan?  By what means and resources? Quite often we limit ourselves and our plan to our present resources.  After all it is reasonable to ask ‘Which holiday can I afford?’ before going and booking one.  Budgeting is good stewardship and I would certainly not recommend getting into debt […]

The Right Questions - decision making process and achieving goals

How to make an action plan to achieve your goal

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How to use a simple decision making process to ensure you have a workable action plan for achieving goals Whether you are an individual thinking about a career change, a team undertaking a new project or a large organisation rolling out a strategy you will need an action plan of some sort. Action plans do […]

What are The Right Questions for Decision Making and Strategic Planning?

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What are The Right Questions and how does strategic planning link to decision making and achieving goals? So, having established in previous posts some of the background behind The Right Questions and an idea of their importance, we can now get an overview of The Right Questions and how they are applied to strategic planning and achieving […]

The Seven Most Important Questions in the English Language

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What are interrogatives? Do you know the seven most important questions in the English language? The most important questions, and the starting point for The Right Questions, are the words where, what, why, when, who, how, and which.  Using just seven interrogative words as the basis of a strategic questioning methodology can seem too simple at a […]