Should we ‘Start with Why’?

Simon Sinek - Start with Why 7 12 April, 2016 Comments

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Start with Why (How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action) is the title of Simon Sinek’s book, website and TED talk. Simon Sinek focusses on the fact that for a team to operate effectively everyone needs to be motivated and to feel that they…

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Delegation of authority the SMART way

The Right Questions how to delegate tasks 7 25 November, 2013 Comments

How to delegate using SMARTER goals As a leader or manager you have to delegate tasks and authority in order for your team to work effectively towards achieving your aim. But this is simpler in theory than in practice. Often a leader’s’ experience is that – even when you think you have delegated something effectively…

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Happiness is a positive cash flow

The Right Questions - cash flow, profit and loss 7 17 June, 2013 Comments

How do we manage our resources? How do we track cash flow, profit and loss? “Happiness is a positive cash flow.” Fred Adler – Venture capitalist I may not be a millionaire but in many senses I have been rich.  This is because for much of my life I have had the pleasure of not…

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What are The Right Questions for Decision Making and Strategic Planning?

Chess-by-Veijo-Vilva 7 31 October, 2012 Comments

What are The Right Questions and how does strategic planning link to decision making and achieving goals? So, having established in previous posts some of the background behind The Right Questions and an idea of their importance, we can now get an overview of The Right Questions and how they are applied to strategic planning and achieving…

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