We are constantly working with individuals and organisations in the fields of strategy, change management, coaching, training and motivational events.

Here are the main services and some of the recent things our clients have said about us:


Workshop - The Right Questions

Are you embarking on a new strategic venture? We can help you with:

  • Strategy development
  • Stategic planning
  • Implementing strategy

We have experience working alongside all strata within an organisations, from board level executives to those on the shop floor. Through the use of facilitators and creative workshops we would love to work in partnership with you to make your next project a truly successful one.

“Thanks again for a fantastic workshop – everyone is really excited about what we achieved.” 

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Workshop -The Right Questions

Change Management

Leading in uncertainty and managing change is increasingly important for organisations that want to remain effective and businesses who wish to remain competitive. Whether you are facing restructuring, a merger, cuts, the implementation of new systems and processes or whether you are wanting to develop capacity in your staff to deal with change, we would love to work with you. We believe that change is an opportunity for the development of leadership and management and seeing innovation and growth.

“A HUMUNGOUS thank you …all of the team have found it extremely helpful!” 

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Are you wanting to take your career to the next level? Do you have something you have always dreamed of that you want to achieve? Do you want to be more productive yet achieve a better work-life balance?  We can help you with:

  • Executive coaching
  • Performance coaching
  • Career coaching

Whether it is developing leadership, career development, improving work-life balance, productivity, or achieving a personal goal we would love to work in partnership with you.

“Deeply motivational”

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Training and Motivational TalksTraining

Are you looking for a speaker to inspire your delegates or students at your next event? Are you after new ways to develop your leaders and improve the performance of your team? We would love to discuss your needs and work with you to equip and motivate your team.

“Thank you for coming to address the students.  They very much enjoyed your talk and the advice given on the key questions to ask when faced with new challenges.” 

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