GROW model

The GROW Model

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The GROW process for coaching, problem solving and setting goals What is the GROW model? The GROW model is a popular problem solving tool used in coaching. It is a simple and effective way to help people set and achieve goals. Developed by Sir John Whitmore, Graham Alexander and Alan Fine, and then popularised by […]

Delegation of authority the SMART way

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How to delegate using SMARTER goals As a leader or manager you have to delegate tasks and authority in order for your team to work effectively towards achieving your aim. But this is simpler in theory than in practice. Often a leader’s’ experience is that – even when you think you have delegated something effectively […]

The Right Questions business case to business plan

How to create and evaluate business ideas

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Seven steps to find new business ideas and develop them into great businesses Whether you are starting a new business, or looking for ways of developing an existing business, you will need to create and evaluate ideas for products and services that you might want to sell. For some people the challenge is coming up […]