Free example CV and resume template

How to write a CV - the right questions

Example CV and resume template from: How to write a CV; A guide to writing a good CV and where to go for templates and examples

This CV and resume template complements the post on how to write a CV. The CV is also known as a resume, pronounced ‘résumé’. CV stands for the Latin ‘Curriculum Vitae’ meaning ‘the course of my life’. And therefore, whether you are actively looking for a new job or not, you should keep your CV up to date as life develops. This is for several reasons:

  • You never know when an opportunity might arise and someone will ask for a copy
  • Your CV is the basis of your ‘brand’. It should be a reference document for all your online profile pages.
  • Updating your CV is a useful exercise in assessing ‘where’ you are, taking stock of your situation so you can assess your progress and plan your next moves.

The post on how to write a CV gives principles to apply when preparing your resume and this download also has practical guidance on what to include in your CV. You are free to use and adapt the format if you like, in fact I would recommend this is what you do. The format is deliberately plain and simple to allow for personalisation.

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