The Right Questions

How to get the right team structure

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The Right Questions team structure organisational structure

How can your team operate most effectively? What is the right team structure for your organisation? Once people know their roles they also need to know how they interact with other people in the team or organisation.  This is what team structure is about. The structure of a team, organisation or company can take many […]

Who (Team and Network)

Turning your staff into a team

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Team and teamwork - leadership and management

How do you take a group of people who work together and turn 
them into a team? We know that building a team is not all about ‘trust falls’, away days and retreats, therefore how can managers build lasting bonds and the kind of trust that 
makes teamwork a breeze? I started off my career […]

How (Goals, Strategy, Planning and Resources)

What are The Right Questions for Decision Making and Strategic Planning?

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What are The Right Questions and how does strategic planning link to decision making and achieving goals? So, having established in previous posts some of the background behind The Right Questions and an idea of their importance, we can now get an overview of The Right Questions and how they are applied to strategic planning and achieving […]