Which (Options and Risk)

Which? (Options and Risk)

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” Sun Tzu

In language which refers to selection.

We have to choose which way to go and therefore ‘Which?’ deals with the idea of selection. We are generally faced with various strategy options and we have to select a route by assessing all the factors. One of the major factors affecting a decision is risk. If a venture is deemed too risky it is the surest thing that will stop us acting, no matter how attractive the option first seemed. Therefore risks need to be identified, assessed, mitigated and managed so that we are in the best possible place to make our decisions. Capacity for risk varies between people and situations so it is important to remember that this is an on-going process of management. At the same time we don’t want to become defensive, timid or risk averse; achieving bold visions means taking risks. We just need to make sure we have counted the cost before we commit ourselves.

Which is primarily considered with how, when and who under PLANNING.

The OODA Loop decision making cycle

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Which is the best course of action?

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