Should we ‘Start with Why’?

7 12 April, 2016 Comments

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Start with Why (How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action) is the title of Simon Sinek’s book, website and TED talk. Simon Sinek focusses on the fact that for a team to operate effectively everyone needs to be motivated and to feel that they…

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Delegation of authority the SMART way

The Right Questions how to delegate tasks 7 25 November, 2013 Comments

How to delegate using SMARTER goals As a leader or manager you have to delegate tasks and authority in order for your team to work effectively towards achieving your aim. But this is simpler in theory than in practice. Often a leader’s’ experience is that – even when you think you have delegated something effectively…

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The OODA Loop decision making cycle

The Right Questions - OODA loop decision making cycle 7 22 July, 2013 Comments

The OODA Loop decision making cycle Colonel John Boyd, a strategist with the USAF, proposed that as a situation evolves we have to observe the changes and orient ourselves to the new information that is coming to light. We can then decide on the best course and take action. In other words, decisions are made…

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Lessons learnt from decision making

The Right Questions - which lessons learnt 7 15 July, 2013 Comments

Which things need to change and what remains the same? How do we apply lessons learnt to our decision making? We need to be continually assessing our decisions and applying the lessons learnt from our actions. “If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience.”  George…

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Risky business: risk management strategy and knowing when to take a chance

The Right Questions about risk management strategy 7 8 July, 2013 Comments

What is a risk management strategy? Which opportunity should we take and which risks should we avoid? We do not always think in terms of risk management or have a risk management strategy but our decision making is continually influenced by how we perceive risk and by our attitude to risk. “Great deeds are usually…

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How to get the right team structure

The Right Questions team structure organisational structure 7 1 July, 2013 Comments

How can your team operate most effectively? What is the right team structure for your organisation? Once people know their roles they also need to know how they interact with other people in the team or organisation.  This is what team structure is about. The structure of a team, organisation or company can take many…

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