The Right Questions about risk management strategy

Risky business: risk management strategy and knowing when to take a chance

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What is a risk management strategy? Which opportunity should we take and which risks should we avoid? We do not always think in terms of risk management or have a risk management strategy but our decision making is continually influenced by how we perceive risk and by our attitude to risk. “Great deeds are usually […]

Are we more like Captain Kirk or Mr Spock? Do we make decisions out of passion or logic?

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Captain Kirk and Mr Spock: What Star Trek tells us about human nature and making decisions With the latest runner from the Star Trek stable dashing onto the screens (Star Trek Into Darkness) we are once again exposed to a famous universe and a much loved movie relationship; that of Captain Kirk and Mr Spock. […]

The Right Questions Money and resource planning

How to achieve a plan – planning resources

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How are we going to achieve our plan?  By what means and resources? Quite often we limit ourselves and our plan to our present resources.  After all it is reasonable to ask ‘Which holiday can I afford?’ before going and booking one.  Budgeting is good stewardship and I would certainly not recommend getting into debt […]

World Cafe - The Right Questions facilitation

The World Cafe: Workshop Facilitation Method, Principles and Etiquette

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The World Café Workshop, Meeting and Facilitation Method and Principles The World Café workshop methodology seeks to foster an environment that is good for conversations to develop. The approach (which is similar to the Gurteen Knowledge Café) is a style of workshop or meeting that gets authentic conversations started in order to encourage the sharing […]

Decision making and decision making process - The Right Questions

What is decision making and do we need to use a decision making process?

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Understanding the importance of decision making and decision making processes What is decision making? Put simply decision making is making a choice between various courses of action. Decision making is something we do constantly as we are faced with thousands of decisions to make every day. For example, even as I type I am making […]