Hardwired into Thinking - The Right Questions

The Right Questions is a simple decision making process to help individuals and organisations become more effective in developing strategy and achieving their goals.

“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” Francis Bacon

To make a good decision, whether in a personal or business context, the first step is to correctly frame the challenge. Asking questions does this. ‘The Right Questions’ is a simple and memorable method to identify and assess the key factors affecting a decision, strategy or plan.

Philosophers identified the most important questions over two thousand years ago but this first principles approach has been somewhat lost in formal education today, partly due to level of detail that is pursued in an increasingly complex world.

The information available via the Internet is seemingly endless but this has a downside. If a decision making process is not used to analyse a situation, then it is easy to become overloaded with data or miss out on important factors when making a decision. And there is a problem with some decision making processes too; a lot of systems rely on jargon that is not memorable or straightforward to apply.

Therefore we need an easy to access tool to deal with complex and evolving situations. The good news is that the core questions needed are actually embedded in language.  The seven basic interrogative questions of whatwherewhywhenwhohow and which are the triggers needed to unlock any problem; it is then just about understanding their application.

For an overview of the decision making process and the application to strategic planning click on the link to the following post:

What are the right questions for decision making and strategic planning?

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This is where The Right Questions can help. The Right Questions methodology is about delving into the seven core interrogatives and finding out how they can be applied to strategic planning, implement projects and achieving goals. ‘The Right Questions’ is a creative process that has been described as “Deeply motivational”.

The Right Questions provides coaching and consultancy services along with decision making tools and other information.

“Ask the right questions, get the right answers, and be more effective.”