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Training individuals and teams to use The Right Questions problem solving and planning methodology

GROW model

The GROW Model

The GROW process for coaching, problem solving and setting goals What is the GROW model? The GROW model is a popular problem solving tool used in coaching. It is a simple and effective way to help people set and achieve goals. Developed by Sir John Whitmore, Graham Alexander and Alan Fine, and then popularised by […]

The Top Seven Decision Making Tools

The Best Wisdom, Tools and Processes for Decision Making Decision making is a fact of life, we have a constant barrage of information we need to analyse and choices we have to make. Here are some simple tools to help you. The SWOT Analysis The SWOT analysis is a simple yet effective way of doing […]

Should we ‘Start with Why’?

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action Start with Why (How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action) is the title of Simon Sinek’s book, website and TED talk. Simon Sinek focusses on the fact that for a team to operate effectively everyone needs to be motivated and to feel that they […]

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“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” Francis Bacon

We are passionate about equipping individuals, teams and organisations to become more effective at reaching their goals.

To do this we run alongside people and find creative and adventurous ways to plan, solve problems, deliver projects and ultimately realise a vision.

We love to be part of the process of discovery where people find out what they are truly passionate about, anchoring these values into strategy, identifying ideas for the future and then nurturing those ideas from dreams to reality. Along the way we like to assist people in challenging their preconceptions, seeing things from new perspectives and then relishing the journey to whatever goal they have in mind.

The Right Questions name comes from a simple decision making process that was devised help individuals and organisations become more effective in developing strategy and achieving their aims.

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