Coaching for people who dream big and set audacious goals.  A holistic approach that combines the best of executive coaching, performance coaching and leadership development


Partnering with innovative teams to facilitate strategy development, project management and embracing change


Facilitation of meetings, workshops and events for team learning, strategy and change

Active listening

Are You Really Listening?

How you can improve your listening skills and be an active listener   What makes a good listener? Do you know what it takes to be a good listener? For those of blessed with good hearing, listening is a primary sense and the audible environment shapes how we interact with the world. Considering how important […]

The Power of Walking

The Surprising Power of Going for a Walk

How walking can improve thinking, communication, creativity and wellbeing Steve Jobs enjoyed the productivity of walking meetings. William Wordsworth’s creativity flowed from being in the open air. Aristotle lectured on the move and Henry David Thoreau did his best thinking while sauntering about. What could taking a stroll do for you? Walking can inspire conversation, […]

Top 10 books for decision making and thinking

The Top 10 Books on Decision Making and Thinking

Book Reviews and Summary of the Best Books on Decision-Making Considering how many decisions we make on a daily basis it is amazing how little training we receive in decision-making. Perhaps even more surprising is, despite all our advances in science – and particularly psychology – quite how hard it is to capture the complexity […]

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“A prudent question is one half of wisdom.” Francis Bacon

We are passionate about equipping individuals, teams and organisations to become more effective at reaching their goals.

To do this we run alongside people and find creative and adventurous ways to plan, solve problems, deliver projects and ultimately realise a vision.

We love to be part of the process of discovery where people find out what they are truly passionate about, anchoring these values into strategy, identifying ideas for the future and then nurturing those ideas from dreams to reality. Along the way we like to assist people in challenging their preconceptions, seeing things from new perspectives and then relishing the journey to whatever goal they have in mind.

The Right Questions name comes from a simple decision making process that was devised help individuals and organisations become more effective in developing strategy and achieving their aims.

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